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I have been teaching privately since 2006, and find great joy in it. 


Coming from a unique combination of genres, I am able to bring the complete spectrum of music into my playing and teaching. My experience with improvisation and learning by ear enables me to take a more intuitive and sensitive approach to classical notated music, and my experience with classical music gives me a complete understanding of the theory and harmony that crosses over into non-classical genres.


My ultimate goal as a teacher is for my students to be complete, well-rounded players, able to approach any genre with a complete understanding of the depths of music. I am able to accompany students on drums or guitar while they play, giving them  perspective on what it means to lock in and harmonize while playing bass with other musicians.

You can read reviews left by my former students here.

I am available for in-person lessons as well as online lessons via video chat. For more information, contact me at

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